In this quick tutorial we’ll cover how to connect your ChatCreate account to your Zendesk account so that your agents can focus more of their time to chats that require human attention. Connecting your ChatCreate account to your Zendesk account creates a bridge between the two tools and let's ChatCreate do cool stuff like detecting automatically which of your support chats can be automated and responding to your customers instantly.

Going through the steps in this guide shouldn’t take longer than 5-10 min.
However if this looks like too much and you'd rather have one of our experts help you get up and running then you can easily schedule a call with one of our team-members here. They'll be more than happy to give you a tour and help you get up and running.

Setting up a new Zendesk Chat agent

  1. When you first sign up for ChatCreate, you’re asked to connect your Zendesk account to your ChatCreate account. In order to get started with that, hit the “connect Zendesk Chat” button.

2. Now on the next screen hit the “connect” button under the Zendesk logo and a screen opens up with the guidelines on how to connect your Zendesk account to ChatCreate. We’ll cover each point in detail here.

3. The first thing we’ll need to do is create a new chat agent inside Zendesk. That agent will be acting as the chatbot and answering your customers’ questions.

In order to set up the agent. Please navigate to your Zendesk Chat dashboard.

Please keep in mind that you have to go to the Zendesk Chat product dashboard not the main Zendesk suite dashboard. The easiest way to do that is to go to where “yourcompanyname” is your zendesk chat account subdomain.

3.1 Once your in the dashboard, go under “settings” and “agents” from the left-hand menu. Check the image below if you’re not sure where that is.

3.2 Once you’ve navigated under “Agents” click on the “Add agent” button.

3.3 After you’ve done that a new window should pop up where you can add a new agent.

  • Under “Name” you should put the name that you want to call your chatbot agent. We call our agent “jony the ChatCreate  assistant” but you’re welcome to put any name that you think is suitable with your company and brand. You can always edit that later.
  • Under “Email” please put the email that you will use to log into the chatbot agent dashboard later. Basically your chatbot agent will have it’s unique account in Zendesk. You might have to create a new email account under your company domain for the Chatbot agent for this.
  • Under “Role” please choose “administrator”, this is required for the chatbot to work properly since it needs to be able to read and respond to users’ messages. The end result should look something like this. The Name and Email will be specific to your account and company though.
  • Press “Add”

3.4 Now navigate to the email account of your chatbot and follow the standard steps to activate your new zendesk agent.

3.5 Once your agent is all activated and logged in. Navigate to the chat dashboard of your agent like we did in step 3.

Creating a new Zendesk API Client

4. The next step will be to connect the new agent that you just created in Zendesk, to your ChatCreate account. In order to do that, we need to create an API client inside your Zendesk.

Please note that in order to be able to do that, you need to have a Zendesk Chat Enterprise plan or be on Zendesk 2-week trial that give you the full functionality.

4.1 In order to create an API client, please navigate to “Settings” and “Account”. Then select API&SDKs from the top menu like shown in the screenshot below and click on “Add API client”

4.2 Insert the following things in the required fields:

Client Name: ChatCreate

Company: ChatCreate

For “Redirect URLs” do the following:

Go back to ChatCreate tab and copy the Redirect URL for Zendesk and paste it under “Redirect URLs” field. Check the screenshot below of what you need to copy and where to paste it.

The end result should look like this. Now click on “Create API client”

A new window should pop up with client ID and client Secret. You need to copy those into respective fields in ChatCreate. Check the screenshot below for clarification.

4.3 Now the last thing to do is fill out the “Sub Domain” in ChatCreate. In order to do that, please go to your Zendesk dashboard and copy the Subdomain of your account from the browser bar and paste it under “Sub Domain” in ChatCreate. See the Screenshot below of the part that you need to copy.

The end result in ChatCreate should look like this:

4.4 Now just hit “Connect” and you’re redirected to a page that asks you to confirm whether you want to give ChatCreate access to your Zendesk data. You can review our Data processing agreement here if you’re interested:

4.5 Please click “Allow” and your Zendesk account is connected to ChatCreate.

4.6 After that you will see a success message like below. Dependent on your internet connection this might take a few seconds.

Congrats. You have just set-up your first Zendesk chatbot agent and successfully connected it to ChatCreate. You can now start automating your customer support.