We're very excited to announce ChatCreate's partnership with iMovo, a premier Zendesk implementation partner.

Full announcement published originally on iMovo's website below:

San Gwann, Malta, September 2019 –iMovo, a leader in the fields of Customer Experience Management (CEM), Business Intelligence (BI), Workforce Management (WFM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), today announced their new partnership with ChatCreate, a chatbot automation company.

ChatCreate is an intelligent plugin that helps companies automate simple customer service conversations in minutes. It instantly finds and suggests topics that can be automated based on your company’s personalised chat history. Until now, implementing a customer support chatbot has been challenging for SMEs with limited budgets and resources to start to capitalise on the application of artificial intelligence (AI).

ChatCreate removes the high barrier of entry currently imposed by existing software providers by providing a fully self-service automatic SaaS plugin with low upfront costs that support teams can have set up inside their current support tools like Zendesk. Thanks to machine learning, the tool can recognise what the customer is asking and what it should answer while seamlessly handing off more complex questions to human agents.

iGaming companies, for example, are setting up ChatCreate themselves to answer questions like “when will my withdrawal be processed” or “how can I reset my password?” in multiple languages. Thanks to that, their support agents can focus on customers that truly require their attention as well as deliver instant solutions to their customers’ questions.

Commenting on this partnership and on the benefits of an automated chatbot system, Pierre Mallia, CEO and Founder of iMovo Limited said “ChatCreate complements iMovo’s successful Customer Service and Experience service line, especially when it comes to our Zendesk Service. With an easy to use interface and powerful AI technology, ChatCreate forms part of a new breed of chatbots designed to get up and running in a few days. Our focus as iMovo is on the customer experience aspect of chatbots, both for our customers’ end-users and their technology stack. Our goal is to provide them with a tool that can quickly and easily augment their existing Customer Service Operations, deflect repetitive and basic tasks, and allow their agents to focus on the conversations they can handle best. This partnership puts iMovo in a position to help customers begin their AI exploration – offering chat and automation solutions for all company sizes and budget. We’re looking forward to writing the next chapter in our customers’ CX success stories.”

Jorma Jürisaar, CEO and Founder at ChatCreate added that “As a company and team, our core mission is to live meaningful lives and help our customers do the same. We want to accelerate the world’s transition to more meaningful work, starting with helping support teams automate their repetitive tasks. That’s why we’re very excited about launching this cooperation between ChatCreate and iMovo. Through this partnership, we’ll be able to help support teams set up their very own support bots that help them deliver consistent and better customer support 24/7 in multiple languages with extremely low barriers of entry.”

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